World Horse Welfare Expansion

Shufflebottom has provided two buildings to contractors W Coombes & Sons (Contractors) Ltd, for the major development scheme initiated by the charity World Horse Welfare at Glenda Spooner Farm, near Kingsdon in Somerset. 

2014 03 World Horse Welfare Somerset 03
2014 03 World Horse Welfare Somerset 01
2014 03 World Horse Welfare Somerset 02

The details

Glenda Spooner Farm, one of four in the UK run by the charity, is named after an author and keen supporter of horse welfare.The late Mrs Spooner, a popular author of pony books for children in the mid 20th century, backed the International League for the Protection of Horses, which was founded by Ada Cole in 1927. The league was renamed World Horse Welfare in 2008.

The new buildings will enable the charity to care for more than the present total of about 65 horses and ponies, at a time when the need is growing quickly. 

HRH Princess Royal, the charity's president, visited Glenda Spooner Farm in 2013, and spoke about the work of rehoming horses whose owners can no longer look after them, for financial and other reasons.  

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Glance at more buildings