Shufflebottom adds its voice to the Build UK #StopReverseVAT Campaign

Shufflebottom, have joined the Build UK #StopReverseVAT Campaign and are proud to have added our voice to a coalition of trade bodies calling on the Chancellor to withdraw the VAT Reverse Charge.

Many construction businesses have worked throughout the Pandemic to keep construction processes going, sub-contractors busy, customers supplied, and workforces in employment. As you would imagine, it’s not been without significant challenges, and often setbacks. But we’ve risen to the challenges, kept buoyant and played a significant role in driving the local and national economy.

 Shufflebottom very much appreciated, the UK Government’s explicit recognition of the role our construction sector continues to play in keeping vital services and infrastructure running as smoothly as possible during the Pandemic.

But. And it's a big but. From 1st March 2021 HM Treasury plans to introduce the Construction Services Domestic Charge known as “Reverse VAT” or “Reverse Change VAT”. It’s a new way of collecting VAT from businesses, that provide construction services within the scope of the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS). Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer, is planning to implement this change in an attempt to ensure the Government is recovering the correct amount of VAT from the construction sector for work carried out within the UK. 

However, Reverse Charge VAT will have a huge negative impact on our vital construction sector, by restricting cash flow – at this, the worst of times, when we look to work our way out of the Pandemic and towards economic recovery.

Shufflebottom along with many others, urges the UK Government to reconsider this Policy as a matter of urgency and to use the forthcoming Budget to withdraw the Campaign and file it under bin!

Alex Shufflebottom, Director at Shufflebottom, presents her viewpoint in the accompanying postcard statement.

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One step at a time..

None of us will ever forget 2020/21 and the impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on our lives. All of us have been impacted in some way. But some have been hit doubly hard, having to deal with a health crisis that is nothing to do with COVID-19 but nevertheless, has to be managed within a time of COVID with all the added challenges that presents.

In October 2020, Alison, one of our long-serving and valued employees, who has worked in our sales team, and admin team before that for eighteen years, suffered a catastrophic stroke. This was devastating for Alison, her family and friends, and her wider family here at Shufflebottom.  Her work colleagues and customers were naturally shocked and saddened and have been closely monitoring her progress and receiving regular updates from her husband Matthew and her daughters, Amber and Sophie.

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We are delighted we have been shortlisted for three RIDBA building awards.

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Riding for the disabled

Riding for the Disabled Association is built on the knowledge that the lives of the disabled can be enriched through horses. It has 500 centres across the UK with a committed team of 18,000 volunteers and coaches (and of course, fun and good natured horses) who together offer a wide range of therapy, fitness and skills’ development to over 250,000 disabled children and adults.

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Finest Welsh Ingredients

Today, Cross Hands’ based Frank’s is a global brand, supplying UK supermarket chains – Sainsbury, Tesco, Morrisons, Asda – the NHS, and emerging markets in the Middle East, with their delicious and ever-expanding range of special ice-creams made with passion, flair and the best of Welsh ingredients. 

Frank’s is a story of continued success founded on vision, hard work, and a commitment to stay ahead of the game in the fast-changing and highly competitive ice-cream market, always looking to develop new products and attract new customers.

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